Guitar Hero: Gothic Tropic – “How Life Works”

Gothic Tropic “How Life Works” Gothic Tropic consists of Cecilia Della Peruti, Rhys Hastings, and Brad Bowers, with help from Connor Sullivan and Adam Laidlaw, but Gothic Tropic is the brainchild of Peruti.  Her guitar work is a mixture of Richard Lloyd (big Television fan … Continue Reading

Inner Turmoil/Outer Art: BIO~BLOOD – “Square Space”

BIO-BLOOD “Square Space” HERESY GRAFFITI My favorite Australian artist/musician/performer/videographer has released a new album to terrify and thrill those of us who have waiting patiently for something new.  BIO-BLOOD, also known as XAQ IRIA or  zAk~iRiA, is never afraid to push … Continue Reading

Omni’s debut album “Deluxe” = post-punk perfection

It is rare that we find post-punk rock that is so artfully crafted into something that mixes genres in such a beautifully cohesive way. Atlanta-based trio Omni have just released their debut album “Deluxe” and they’ve already blended a fierce … Continue Reading

HEAR: Post-Disco + Post-Punk Sounds Like This….(You’re Gonna Love It)

What do you get when you combine post-disco and post-punk? LA-based duo, De Lux. This is some of the best drum clattering, head boppin’, get yer dancin’ shoes out music I’ve come across in a long time! And get this, Sean … Continue Reading