New Soulful Obsession: St. Paul & The Broken Bones

Stop everything!! I have recently discovered the soulful heartache and jubilance of St. Paul & The Broken Bones. Originally from Alabama, the group got together almost accidentally when the members were finishing a set and realized that together they all … Continue Reading

True Independents: The Raveonettes – “Where Are The Wild Horse”

The Raveonettes “Where Are You Wild Horses” RAVE-SOUND-OF-THE-MONTH The Raveonetts are releasing a track a month until December 2016 for what they call their Anti-Album.  The ‘anti-album’ will feature a collection of new tracks that aren’t bound by the constraints of the format.  The … Continue Reading

Hear It Now! – Audio Fuzz on Spotify

                Hello Music Lovers!! The Audio Fuzz Spotify playlist has been updated with new tracks and artists covered on the site as well as new radio hits, indie pop, alternative rock and much … Continue Reading

Musical Revolution: Just Like The Country – “Forty-Five”

Just Like The Country “Forty-Five” Thermidorian Reaction Any band that makes an album based on the French Revolution is bound to get my attention.  Especially when they use the names of the months decreed by the Republic in 1792, called the … Continue Reading

Kick Ass Self-Reflection: Extra Medium Pony – “Further Along”

Extra Medium Pony “Further Along” Meaninglessness With braided themes of isolation, depression, introversion and self-consciousness, Extra Medium Pony circles around songwriter Rick Spitalsky, who solely wrote and recorded the forthcoming album, Meaninglessness, due out in September 2016. He also played all the … Continue Reading