Best Albums of 2017 (So Far)!

The XX – I See You The third album by the enigmatic trio’s third album may possibly be there best yet as it incorporates their individual talents and makes it a cohesive and a multi-introspective effort. They cross several genres here … Continue Reading

Thundercat Makes Music FUNk Again on ‘Drunk’

Thundercat’s third album and latest release Drunk is an explosion of emotions for the vocalist and bassist Stephen Bruner who delightfully puts it all out on display with this well-rounded effort. There are moments of sadness, laughter, sarcasm, confusion, and the overall … Continue Reading

Kaytranada’s “Lite Spots” and upcoming performance at Panorama

The Montreal-based producer/DJ Kaytranada (aka Louis Kevin Celestin) who made his fame via SoundCloud is garnering international success now after the release of his 99.9% album. After publicly coming out recently in an interview with, Kaytranada is quickly gaining … Continue Reading

Shake Your Derriere: The Lipstick Junkies – “Boogie Everywhere”

The Lipstick Junkies “Boogie Everywhere” New Lingo What a great punk/funk band.  I love them.  Anyone who has the balls to sing Boogie everywhere, shake your derriere, and get away with it, is totally amazing.  The band, Greg Babinski (vocals/guitar), Brian … Continue Reading