Genius All Around: Steevo Nuissier – “A Scene (Live Rehearsal)”

Steevo Nuissier “A Scene (Live Rehearsal)” When Steevo Nuissier puts out any new music, I always pay attention.  Steevo is one of the most intelligent and talented performer out there.  Sometimes, as in this Live Rehearsal, he seems to be … Continue Reading

Demanding Brilliance: Yonatan Gat – “Cue The Machines”

Yonatan Gat “Cue The Machines” Universalists And now for something completely different.  Yonatan Gat has created a musical experience unlike anything most of you have ever heard.  “The undefinable track opens with an Italo-Spanish choir recorded by Alan Lomax in 1950s … Continue Reading

Ancient Made Modern: James Jacket – “INFLORESCÊNCIA”

James Jacket “INFLORESCÊNCIA” Another incredibly beautiful piece of classical/experimental/electronica from the co-founder of the Portuguese punk band, Les Baton Rouge.  James Jacket is tremendously talented, and “INFLORESCÊNCIA” is one of his most profound and sensual instrumental pieces ever.  With Jacket … Continue Reading