Post Synth Rock: Superet – “Come As Relief”


“Come As Relief”


What a great band.  Somehow I hear a heavier Heaven 17 along with what Kajagoogoo could have become.  Maybe it’s the popping bass line, the all around energy, this 80’s meets the 10’s sound, without sacrificing any originality or power.  This is such great music.  Superet is comprised of Matt Blitzer (vocals, guitar, keyboards) Alex Fischel (Keyboards) Patrick Kelly (bass) Sam KS (drums) and Isaac Tamburino (guitar, percussion, keys).  After going to CalArts together, living together, playing in separate bands, Blitzer had a “nervous breakdown” which turned out to be a creative breakdown.  Blitzer called the rest of the guys and said, “It was two weeks or so of this sort of manic emotional sensitivity brought on by sleep deprivation. I was up for days, I needed to have a project I could call my own and it was time to call up the guys and claim it. I wrote most of the songs we’re releasing now during that period.”  Thank god he did.  This is a great band, musically, lyrically, and live, they have so much energy they live up to their name, which is from the Latin for “may they overflow”.  And they do.  Catch them live, listen to their great EP, enjoy.  

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