Post Python Goth: Fat White Family – “Tastes Good With The Money”

Fat White Family

“Tastes Good With The Money”

Serfs Up!

Coming from London (Bedlam I assume), come one of the strangest bands (and absolutely great) I have ever heard.  Comprised of Lias Kaci Saoudi – lead vocals; Saul Adamczewski – guitar, vocals; Nathan Saoudi – keyboards; Adam J. Harmer – guitar; Sam Toms – drums; Adam Brennan – bass; and Alex White – Saxophone, Fat White Family sounds as if Monty Python’s Flying Circus meets the Bauhaus with more than a touch of madness and a little Arctic Monkeys involved.  This is great music, and the video for “Tastes Good With The Money” pays tribute to Monty Python’s tribute to Sam Peckinpah, which is absolutely hilarious, yet is very frightening.  Musically, this band is super complex, with styles ranging all over but with a main influence on post-Goth.  If you love great music and British humor, Fat White Family is for you.

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