On The Sleeve: Christian Lee Hutson – “Northsiders”


Christian Lee Hutson


If Phoebe Bridgers has a male counterpart, it is Christian Lee Hutson.  The man is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.  His music is always beautiful, the acoustic guitar playing is just enough to hold Hutson’s voice up.  Also, the production is perfect; the touch of violins in the right places.  But it really is the play of the plucked guitar and voice that makes this song stand out.  And the lyrics; well, I have to print them for you, though Hutson’s vocals make all the lyrics intelligible.  He writes stories.  I would be surprised if they were not autobiographical. He’s touring right now.  See him, hear him, he deserves the support.  And the line, Morrissey apologists, Amateur psychologists, Serial monogamists, We went to different colleges, is right now my favorite line ever.

I was new in town, kinda goth
I met you in the science quad
You asked if I had any pot
We’re going up to Mikey’s spot

Covering important ground
I tried cocaine in my cousin’s house
Yeah I’m probably addicted now
The things that children lie about

I didn’t notice it was getting late
You offered me a place to stay
You live up in the palisades
You tell your folks you ran away
Besides you’re a Northsider now

Nothing’s going to change it pal

We were so pretentious then
Didn’t trust the government
Said that we were communists
And thought that we invented it

Morrissey apologists
Amateur psychologists
Serial monogamists
We went to different colleges

But you said that we would always be
Branches on the same old tree
Reaching away from each other for eternity
And you know I can’t argue with that

Nothing’s going to change it now

We could have had one last hurrah
When I was working in the smoothie shop
But I couldn’t get the weekend off
She told me I was getting soft

I read an article about the accident
Probably reaching for cigarettes
And missed the brake lights up ahead
I hope it was an instant death

Sometimes I imagine us way down the line
Getting fat somewhere in the countryside
It’s crazy how things shake out sometimes
But maybe that’s enough magic for me

Nothing’s going to change it now


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