Honesty: GemelaDual – “Dancing Days/Mastering The Art Of Failure/Summertime Manifesto”


“Dancing Days/Mastering The Art Of Failure/Summertime Manifesto”

I rarely ever let an artist write their own review, but GemelaDual has so much to say about his life and his music, I wanted him to speak for himself.  He is the best.  I love his work, and he is one of my heroes.

“During the last two years, GemelaDual experienced a radical change. All the synthesized landscapes that can be listened in the first EP Mastering the Art of Failure were removed aiming a brand new sound. Keeping the characteristic Lo-fi sound, melancholic road trips. This new chapter in GemelaDual and also in my life is the final response to a constant answer. What it’s going to be? we are going to end together or this vagueness horizon it’s going to tear apart the secret garden.

Constant changes, three different countries. Weakness and separation, Fierce love and new opportunities.
Cupid Shoots to Kill is my manifesto, my purest desire to be in love, in peace with my past and finally reunited with the first and beautiful spark that detonated all this journey named GemelaDual. Different cities, people and a defiant 180 degrees change for the better.

If you’re genuinely inspired, music will reflect your light and soul
Love and life are about actions, true freedom, commitment and remaining loyal to what matters the most.
GemelaDual is my prayer to beauty after rave delight.

Hotel home and hotel life. hundreds of lives in between, Cupid shoots to kill and we are all dying for love.”

Andrés Guerrero-GemelaDual

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