Backbreaking Punk: Fontaines D.C. – “Boys In The Better Land (Darklands Version)”

Daniel Topete

Fontaines D.C.

“Boys In The Better Land (Darklands Version)”


What a great kick ass band.  Coming for Dublin, this band gobs out riffs and lyrics like the best of the old school punk bands.  Comprised of Grian Chatten, Conor Deegan III, Carlos O’Connell, Conor Curley, and Tom Coll, this band kicks better than most bands out there.  With the vocals sounding like something out of this world, in fact, maybe under this world, the snarling spoken/sung vocals make this band a stand-out.  I’m tired of beautiful vocals; I want Johnny back, or Joe, or Joey R, or Jello, hurling out those fucking lyrics over bonebreaking beats.  Thank god, with Fontaines D.C. we got it.

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