Alone In Darkness: While We Sleep – “The Desert”

Photo by Beth Rettig

Where We Sleep

“The Desert”

Experiments In The Dark

Amazingly dark and mystifying, Where We Sleep create beautiful music combining synths and guitars, vocals and drum machines, bringing the listener into a different world completely.  Where We Sleep is the main outlet for Beth Rettig.  Raised in Africa (Nigeria, Botswana and South Africa) and saying goodbye to the days of her Johannesburg band High, Rettig returned to the UK in 2000 and eventually hooked up with Debbie Smith to form Blindness.  Blindness disbanded in 2016, and since, Rettig has pursued a career with the help of Smith, Axel Ray of United Ghosts (and also The Black Windmill and Cadet A) on lead guitar, and Ben Pritchard, formerly of The Fall and currently in Manc Floyd.  But it really is Rettig’s vocals and lyrics that steal the show.  Listen and fall in love.  This is perfect music for that time apart from the world.  If you can’t find a desert, a forest or even your backyard or bedroom are perfect places to listen to beautifully dark, rough around the edges music.

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