Whose That Guy In All The Music Videos?






Derek D Odom hails from Swainsboro, Georgia. He started off working at the Georgia State University Television station (GSTV) Channel 75, where he attended school, wrote, directed and produced his own content and managed the studio before landing a coveted internship at the Tyler Perry Studios located in Atlanta, GA. In 2012, after ending the internship and dropping out of school, he realized that his true passion was acting. Derek quickly joined a local theatre company in Atlanta and began pursuing an acting career. In 2015, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Derek has acted in Broadway plays including Leon Anderson’s “Dear Westmont,” “Both, A Hard Days Night,” and “The Dark Side Of The Moon Ensemble.” He has appeared on various TV shows and films. A recent quote of his, “Acting is life and we all act better than we know how.”┬áDerek has portrayed several musical artists on TMI Hollywood such as Lil Wayne and others. He also has been regularly cast in music videos for artists such as Big Sean in “The Light” video, Elton John in the “Tiny Dancer” video, and most recently Valentino Khan.



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