King Krimzon Fires Back at ICP

King Krimzon recently was a guest on the Dr. Phil show where he was on the show where Dr. Phil attacked him for living up to his responsibilities as a father/husband and spending to much time developing his persona while his wife supports the family and he lives off disability. A surprising segment of the show was when ICP appeared on the show and attacked Krimzon with Violent J of the group calling him “talentless” at one point.

Krimzon has responded back claiming that he went on the show for publicity. Also he claims that ICP knew full and well who he was because he had been a performer at The Gathering, an annual performance that ICP hosts and accuses the group of “trying to steal his shine”.

King Krimzon states he recently signed a record deal for $10,000 and could possibly be the latest artist that Dr. Phil has propelled to fame since Danielle Bregoli. King Krimzon’s brand of murder rap could possibly pose a threat to the dominance of the ICP horror brand. One thing that I’ve noticed about ICP is that the years at the top have made them soft where they cater to being politically correct. Even the performance on the Dr. Phil show showed how out of touch they were with the plight of the struggling artist. While the brand of music that he makes may not be for everyone, the last thing I would call King Krimzon is talentless. His passion and dedication will win him over some fans and his mere existence could spell the end of Psychopathic Records!!


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