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Sam Maxfield is a gifted artist who is attending college at the University of Missouri. He has been passionate about music since he was a kid and was even in a singing/dancing group as a child. That passion evolved to Sam Maxfield becoming a rapper, singer, and producer from Salt Lake City, Utah who is building a fan base for himself doing shows in Salt Lake City, where he has opened up for artists such as Young Jeezy and Lil Durk and various shows in Missouri where he goes to college. He has some great party songs such as his record “Sun Comes Up” where he discusses the topic of partying and more introspective feel good songs such as “Time Machine”. I think Sam Maxfield shows his most impressive range on one of the most personal songs in his catalogue called “Livin It” Feat. Dev Wolfe where he discusses his aspirations of making it in the music world with a Martin Luther King Jr. sample. The great thing about Sam Maxfield is that he is completely authentic. His music is a good mix of hip hop with pop sensibilities. If you’re looking for a lyrical wordsmith this isn’t the artist, but if you’re looking for some feel good grooves to bump in your ride he might fit the bill. He puts me in the mind of Mark McGrath or the 90’s group LFO. If he keeps at it and with improvement of his delivery, Sam Maxfield has the potential to be a chart topping artist. The production and arrangement he uses on songs is incredible and makes up for any lack of lyrical prowess. Sam Maxfield has a new album coming out entitled This is Me. You can check out more of Sam Maxfield on Soundcloud:

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