Where The Darkness Goes: SPC ECO – “The Heart And Soul”


“The Heart And Soul”


What beautiful, dark, other-worldly (gosh, why aren’t there enough words to describe music)  the sound of SPC ECO is.  Comprised of Dean Garcia of Curve and his daughter, Rose Berlin, SPC ECO has delivered a masterpiece.  As their bio states:

An electronic musical maverick, Dean’s style complements Berlin’s vulnerable yet tender vocals. As a father and daughter, they explore their relationship and the world around them through music, creating heartfelt sounds to express the language of their souls and conversations that are often too difficult to be encapsulated by mere words.

This music is for those lonesome nights, those isolated spots were thinking and dreaming are best done.  The music and vocals blend so well that sometimes it’s easy to forget there are any words behind the voices.  Listen, drift away, meditate, fade away.

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