Short And Sweet: Jeanines – “Either Way”


“Either Way”


What a great band.  This band proves that long drawn-out songs do not make great songs; sometimes, the shorter the better.  Jeanines know exactly how to make short, to-the-point, minor-key, melancholy masterpieces.  Alicia and Jed make up this band, and, as their press states:

Alicia Jeanine’s pure, unaffected voice muses wistfully on the illusions of time, while My Teenage Stride/Mick Trouble mastermind Jed Smith’s frantic Motown-esque drumming and inventive bass playing provide a thrilling rhythmic foundation.

All I know, Jeanines is one of the most fun bands I have ever heard.  Check them out: I know you’ll agree.

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