Rock Is Alive: Zr. King – “Welcome To Bearizona”

“Welcome To Bearizona”

Musically And Morally Bankrupt

What a great band.  Those who say Rock is dead, I quote The Who – “Long live Rock”.  And Zr. King prove that Rock is still alive and will kick your ass into yesterday if you’re not ready.  This is one of the kickest songs I’ve heard for a while, and God, we need them.  Just watch the Grammy’s; you can tell a little Rock is what this country needs.  Coming from NYC, Zr. King is comprised of Griffin – High strings/Vocal Strings; Brandon – Low Strings; Dahk – No Strings; and Matt – High strings/Vocal Strings.  God, I love dueling guitars (gives me that Judas Priest shiver).  And this band has it all.  You need a description of Zr. King?

Knock knock. | Who’s there?
Rock’n’roll. | Rock’n’roll who?
Doesn’t matter, we just kicked the door in. Here, have a beer.

Thanks guys.  We need you so much.  Rock will never die, thanks to guys like you.

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