Darkness Personified: Lune Rouge – “C’est une longue route”

Lune Rouge

“C’est une longue route”

Masque Blanc

What a great band.  Comprised of The band is composed of Laurent (Lazy Napt) and of Roxy and Christof (Contre Jour), and formed in Nice, Lune Rouge creates music that is perfect for listening at night is an empty room away from everything but the music and your thoughts.  Sounding a little like Cabaret Voltaire meets the Bauhaus with these incredible vocals echoing one another an octave apart, this is the perfect soundtrack for watching Nosferatu.  This music is nothing but gorgeous; well produced, melodic, intricate yet simple, elegant yet dark, music to escape with, read Lovecraft to, meditate on the darkness of the moon.  In other words, unearthly beauty.

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