Cool Jazz: Dead Horse Beats – “Home Days”

Dead Horse Beats

“Home Days”


Dead Horse Beats is multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wade, and on this new album, he explores that great jazzy/rock/folk sound of Steely Dan and The New Bohemians.  This is great music.  Next party, plays this beauty and watch your guests either mellow-out or dance the night away.  This is perfect twilight music, listened to over dinner with a good wine, or in a great underground jazz cafe.  I love this description of his music:

“‘Home Days’ is about people having different motivations and the tension that can cause between them. The main character (who is definitely not me) is the type of person who works at home making electronic music in sweatpants all day, while their partner works at a prestigious, downtown law firm. He struggles with the feeling that he’s not pulling his weight or making the people who care for him proud. I tried to use this song to work through my insecurities about whether or not I’ve chosen the right path, and whether my choices could potentially breed resentment towards me from those who care about me.”

All I know, this is great music.  I am so glad Dead Horse Beats makes albums and keeps sharing this beauty with the world.

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