Beauty Unsurpassed: PJ Harvey – “The Moth” (featuring Lily James) 

PJ Harvey

“The Moth” (featuring Lily James) 

All About Eve

PJ Harvey is set to release the music she wrote for the play All About Eve, and, as per usual, it is stunningly beautiful.  As she has done in the past (think Marianne Faithfull), she has allowed someone else to sing the song for her, and her choice, Lily James, does a great job with this.  Harvey is one of the greatest lyricists of all time, and her sense of melody is impeccable.  “The Moth” sounds very folkish yet contemporary.  The song follows well in the steps of “An Acre of Land”.  Maybe this is Harvey entering a new phase of music.  She is the very definition of free-spirit and chameleon, never visiting old ground, but continuing to break new ground.  This song is one of the most beautiful she has written, and to allow someone to sing just proves what a great artist she is.  Lily James is an English actress well known for her role in Mama Mia! Here We Go Again and the television version of War and Peace.  She is now starring in the London production of All About Eve, playing Eve Harrington.  With a voice like hers, she is well suited to play the ingenue, and she gives a very delicate, almost sad, feeling to this great song.  If this song is indicative of the new direction that Harvey is taking, I am very excited to go on that ride.

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