Take Off The Costume: Lauren Duski – “Costume Party”

Lauren Duski “Costume Party” Midwestern Girl Lauren Duski has such a great voice.  I love when an artist bears their soul without overproduction, just barenaked honesty.  Originally from Gaylord, Michigan, Duski was on the Voice, finishing runner-up.  With her voice and … Continue Reading

Close Harmonies: Lily & Madeleine – “Just Do It”

Lily & Madeleine “Just Do It” Canterbury Girls Another great song from that sister team, Lily & Madeleine.  Only sisters could harmonize so closely (think Pointer Sisters or the Andrew Sisters).  Lily & Madeleine, from Indianapolis, is actually Lily Jurkiewicz, Madeleine Jurkiewicz, … Continue Reading

Electronica Pop: I Am A Rocketship – “Face Off”

I Am A Rocketship “Face Off” Mind Graffiti This Swedish-American duo from Atlanta is comprised of Eric Weissinger and L E Kippner.  This electronic duo combines Swedish pop sensibility with a dash of electronic surprise.  Kippner’s voice reminds me of Shirley … Continue Reading

Power Pop: The Stolen (feat. Jake Miller) – “Rooftop”

The Stolen (Feat. Jake Miller) “Rooftop” Rooftop What a great power pop/post punk band.  They have the same immediacy that made 3 Doors Down and Seven Mary Three such potent bands.  “Rooftop” is so great because, having the bands’ friend, … Continue Reading