New Americana: Mink’s Miracle Medicine – “Page Of You”

Mink’s Miracle Medicine “Page Of Me” Pyramid Theory Coming from my backyard, Harper’s Valley, WV, Mink’s Miracle Medicine has managed to change the whole sound of Americana/country music just by the shear honesty of their music.  Mink’s Miracle Medicine consists … Continue Reading

St. Lucia’s Joyfully-Rich ‘Hyperion’

St. Lucia’s Jean-Phillip Grobler brings his high-energy dance pop to a new level with Hyperion, which can only be described as joyfully-rich pop music. Grobler’s quintet adopt a more minimalist dose of stark electronica. Harmonizing synthesizer highlights and staccato melodies. … Continue Reading

Icelandic Dark Wave: Kaelan Mikla – “Hvermig kemst eg upp?”

Kaelan Mikla “Hvermig kemst eg upp?” Nott Eftir Nott Another wonderful band has come out of Iceland, a tremendous post dark wave/synth wave band called Kaelan Mikla.  Margrét Rósa, Laufey Soffia, and Sólveig Matthildur formed the band in Reykjavik five years … Continue Reading

Lovecraftian Soundtrack: A-Sun Amissa – “The Black Path”

A-Sun Amissa “The Black Path” Ceremony In The Stillness Tremendously emotionally stirring neo-classical/drone/dark jazz from a great band I’ve been enamored with for a while.  A-Sun Amissa is a rock ensemble led by Richard Know, and on this album, includes Richard … Continue Reading

Powerful Beauty: Scarlet Sails – “Upside Down”

Scarlet Sails “Upside Down” A new single from Scarlet Sails; exactly what this world needs, and it’s a complete killer.  Russian born singer-songwriter, Olya Viglione and Dresden Dolls drummer, Brian Viglione (also known as a best looking couple in rock), have put out a record … Continue Reading