Great Screamo: onlynowIseethelight – “High Standards”

onlynowiseethelight “High Standards” Demo What a great screamo band.  Sense of humor, those wonderful throat-ripping vocals, killer guitar riffs, great lyrics; onlynowiseethelight has it all.  Coming from all over the the US, onlynowiseethelight is comprised of Gabe: Guitar, Vocals, Bass; Niklas: Drums; … Continue Reading

Devil’s Brew: Devil’s Pit Blues Cult – “You Are Your Own Threat”

Devil’s Pit Blues Cult “You Are Your Own Threat” The Arrival Coming from that blight called Allentown, PA, (and if you’ve ever been there, I’m sorry)  ((just kidding, Allentown)) comes this wonderful dark blues metal band, Devil’s Pit Blues Cult.  … Continue Reading

Complex and Fun: stop.drop.rewind – “I Was A Portrait”

stop.drop.rewind “I Was A Portrait” Element And Aftermath! What a great, progressive rock song.  I love this band.  Even their name is the coolest ever.  stop.drop.rewind is a progressive/powerpop band from Valparaiso, IN. ​Formed in 2008, stop.drop.rewind is comprised of Kris Loh​n, DJ Crenson, Andy … Continue Reading