Intellectual Intimacy In Music: Sierra Blanca – “Broken Gun”

Sierra Blanca “Broken Gun” Honorable Mention Jethro Gaglione, aka Sierra Blanca, is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist, who began playing music as part of the worship group for his parents’ missionary team in Mexico. They traveled all around the country living in old re-purposed … Continue Reading

Otherworldy: Úlfur – Arborescence

Úlfur Arborescence Aborescence Úlfur is undeniably a genius.  He makes the most beautiful music on instruments he has designed himself.  Luxembourg-born, Iceland-raised, NYC-residing Úlfur Hansson is known for his work with Jonsi and Anna von Hauswolff, two of my favorite artist.  … Continue Reading

Electronic Whimsy: Shanghai Restoration Project – “Spooky Party”

Shanghai Restoration Project “Spooky Party” R.U.R. This is a strange, electronic band that is wonderful and whimsical, but honestly, you have to listen to them to appreciate them. The Shanghai Restoration Project (SRP) is the Brooklyn based electronic duo of … Continue Reading

Ass Kicking Rock n Roll: Thunderpussy – “Speed Queen”

Thunderpussy “Speed Queen” What a killer band.  Who said girls can’t rock?  These girls can rock.  Fuck, let’s quit calling them girls, these are rockers, no doubt.  You take Suzi Quatro, add the Runaways, some Zeppelin and Thor’s Hammer, you get Thunderpussy.  They … Continue Reading