About Ryan Glover

Ryan Glover was born and raised on the segregated streets of Southside Chicago. He is a graduate of a small private school which is now defunct called Luther South (Chicago, Il) which has produced notable alumni such as rapper Common Sense and is the 105th African-American since 1899 to graduate from one of the oldest institutions in the State of Illinois being Illinois College (Jacksonville, Il). He is also a veteran of the US Coast Guard where he worked on buoy tenders and served as a valuable team member of a MSST (Marine Safety Security Team). In addition to writing for publications such as College News, Slickster Magazine and Audio Fuzz. He also operates a youtube channel and blog where he regularly interviews well known celebrities. He studied acting and film at the New York Film Academy (Burbank, CA) and Lee Strasberg (West Hollywood, CA) He also has acted on television shows such as the pilot episode of Find Our Missing and co-starred in a Lyft commercial with George Lopez. He is also a recording artist under the name Kaisor Sosa and has had numerous songs on the radio, been featured in various magazines and blogs, and appeared in several independent films. He has worked for companies as diverse as the Department of Veteran Affairs, The John Kerwin Show, and Salt Lake City Weekly. He is also an accomplished director of short films and has studied at various institutions in various subjects such as Tulane University (Homeland Security), Chicago State University (MA History) and University of Phoenix (MBA). He is recently studied journalism in a graduate program at Full Sail University.

The Ryan Show are Kings of Variety

The Ryan Show has become New York’s premiere source of live entertainment on Monday nights!! The first ever New York live comedy podcast and variety show that includes all genres of music, comedy, its share of celebrity guests, and outright decadence!! … Continue Reading

Historian’s Drops New LP Expanse

The LA-based, psych-folk group Historian has dropped a new album which is incredibly energetic but moody titled Expanse. The project is a combination of Leonard Cohen-esque tone poetry with strong string sections and smoggy jazz detours. This is a band that isn’t … Continue Reading

Bo Deal “Mr Deal”

Chicago rap veteran Bo Deal dropped a new video entitled “Mr Deal” which is real street hip hop over an ominous beat where he describes his lifestyle in the third-person narrative.  Clever wordplay and a great concept.

Hardo “Got it Out the Mud”

  Hardo “Got it Out the Mud” produced by Stevie B is the most recent video release of the Pittsburgh rapper. It is a dedication to New Orleans deceased rapper Souljah Slim. He discusses the difficulty of street life and … Continue Reading